Monday, 22 February 2010

hi,nice girl,glad to know you

There is an english language social networking site here called - I have access to FB and Twitter so was quite happy ignoring it completely until one of my Electric Shadettes suggested we advertise our screenings there. So I've joined and am befriending anyone who asks in an effort to get the word to out as many Beijingers as possible.

Here is a selection of messages I've received from my new pals:

"hi,nice girl,glad to know you"

"how r u there babe?"

"Hi pretty, Glad to meet you on this website I am 100% made in China by the way :)"

"hi how are u cute ?nice to meet u here my friend, wanna be ur friend?"

Also, apparently to aide this burgeoning dating scene, names appear in either blue or pink depending on whether the user is male of female. Sophisticated stuff.

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  1. If you look closely at the pic you'll see that I am but 3-out-of-5-stars-pretty.